Relive all the glories of the 1920s – All Our Days of Splendor

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 “We lived a life like few dared to live or could even afford to live.” – Flora Redding, 1920s

A novel by Alvin Conway 

Fashion was all the rage and we raged for fashion

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“Real fashion was available to women for the first time and we reveled in the idea of dressing up and being the “it” girl.” -Eliza Pearce

The Lost Art of the Swim – 1920s

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Lost Art of the Swim 1920s

“The bathing suit was minimalist and liberating. It was a wonderful chance to meld with nature and the elements. We swam constantly.” – Flora Clare Redding, author, poet 1926

An impromptu interview, departing from Paris

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Train Ride 2

He looked at her somberly. “Miss Redding, what do you think of James Joyce?” he asked.

All Our Days of Splendor

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Champagne Party

Eliza shook her head. “Why do I have the feeling you just raided Amélie’s personal stock of expensive champagnes?”

The Roaring Twenties: Days of splendor, days of fun

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Amafi Coast

“In July, I depart for a summer vacation in Italy and will be on the Amalfi Coast for several weeks.” – Flora Clare Redding, April 8, 1926