The Roaring Twenties: Days of splendor, days of fun

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Amafi Coast

“In July, I depart for a summer vacation in Italy and will be on the Amalfi Coast for several weeks.” – Flora Clare Redding, April 8, 1926



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All Our Days of Splendor

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Dietrich Tag 600

Where to find the book: lulu


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All Our Days of Splendor by Alvin Conway

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Paris 1926: Les Années folles as the French called it, “The Crazy Years.” It was the Roaring Twenties. It was the dawn of the Age of Modernism, feminism, the flappers, the birth of cinema; it was the decade of the automobile and radio. It was the reckless years of wealth and exuberance, where stock markets toyed with ideas of fanaticism, and where legends lived, loved, and died. Paris France was at the heart of a new cultural revolution that was reshaping and changing the world. Thomas E. McCann came to Paris to change his life. His life ended up changing everyone around him. There were parties, class privileges, there were flowing rivers of champagne, there was extravagant wealth, and everyone lived and loved like no one thought the wild celebrations of this Golden decade would ever come to an end.

Where to buy the book: lulu